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Cummins truck CM2150C diagnostic test OK with Xtuner T1

BMW ICOM Série_diyobd2.fr

:: diycar ::

Cummins truck CM2150C diagnostic test OK with Xtuner T1

Here, diyobd2.fr released a test report of the new Xtuner T1 truck diagnostic tool. It’s confirmed to work fine with Cummins CM2150C. Details as below...

Test purpose:

To confirm the functionality of Xtuner T1, check it’s working or not

Engine to test:

Cummins truck CM2150C

Scanner for the test:

Xtuner T1 truck

Tested functions:

Basic diagnosis (incl. Read/ clear faults, read data stream)

Activation test

Maintenance oil reset

Communication method in the test:

Obdii connection to the vehicle

WIFI connection to the PC and scanner

Test results:

Read/ clear faults......OK

Read data stream......OK

Activation test......OK

Maintenance oil reset......OK

Photos attached ...

Xtuner T1


CUMMINS CM2150Cengine




XTUNER T1 abilities for CM2150C

Erase DTCs okRead DTCs successfully

Perform anActuation Test ok

Data List

Perform anActuation Test ok



Work fine in theMaintenance Oil Reset


This is from Xtuner OBDII Scanner Technical Support:Cummins truck CM2150C diagnostic test OK with Xtuner T1


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